Social Anxiety Disorder

social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety or social phobia is quite a common issue in the UK. Many people suffer from social anxiety and it can sometimes seem overwhelming and prevent you from enjoying living life to the full.

Anxiety can be caused by many situations, experiences and events. What makes one person anxious will not necessarily have the same effect on another person. It may be that your perception of your situation, based on your past life experiences is playing a part in your current feeling of anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder

While we are all different, generally the following descriptions are applicable to social anxiety:-
  • Feelings that others are always judging you
  • Worried about other people's thoughts about you
  • Fear of feeling uncomfortable, awkward or self conscious with other people
  • Anxiety about embarrassing yourself or being embarrassed by others

Social Anxiety
and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been used to help reduce stress and bring a great sense of relaxation. For any form of anxiety self hypnosis is a great relaxation process that can be learnt in one session of hypnotherapy. I can teach you self hypnosis in the first session. If you practice self hypnosis regularly it can play an effective role in feeling less stressed in those social situations.

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