Hypnosis for Snoring

hypnosis for snoring

For around £1600 you could have surgery to help stop snoring. But surgery puts your life at risk.

For only £100 you could have hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy does not put your life at risk.
Of all the people I have known who have had surgery, not one person has said it worked for them.

One hypnosis session could be all that it takes to end the misery of sleepless nights.

Hypnosis for Snoring

When you become distressed by noise whether it's snoring or any unwelcome repetitive sound then something happens in your mind. You come to anticipate the sound so your expectation (that you'll be kept awake again by snoring) actually stresses you out before the snoring even begins. Now you find yourself in the position of listening out for it. This 'listening out' can keep you awake even if the snoring itself doesn't happen or isn't that loud. This session will help you 'switch off' even if there is loud snoring. Because the fact is your brain is designed to process sound as you drift into deep sleep.

How much longer are you prepared to put up with issues that trouble you.
Why work around the problem when you can get rid of it?
Regain control of your life and start to live again the way you want too.

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