Fear of Flying Phobia

fear of flying phobia A phobia of flying is a very common phobia.
No matter what phobia you suffer from, they all lead to a similar reaction. A sense of panic and anxiety, a rapid heart beat and even sweating. You feel an overwhelming sense of panic and the need to escape.

You may have tried facing your fear of flying in the past but somehow you haven't quite cracked that phobia. It may well be that you have experienced a bad flight in the past and this experience has stayed with you resulting in your fear of flying. Maybe it's the fear of taking off or landing that scares you most or it could be the turbulence you experience during the flight. All of these thoughts and associated feelings are very common to anyone who has a phobia of flying.

Fear of Flying Phobia

You know logically that your fear is out of proportion, particularly as all the other passengers seem to be reasonably calm and relaxed. The real problem is that this panic and fear is not driven by logic. It actually comes from your subconscious mind and that is where the change is needed to be made.

Aviophobia and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy changes your way of thinking and in doing so, your reaction to flying changes too. Hypnotherapy helps you to behave differently in those situations when you are going to the airport and getting ready to board your flight. Don't let this phobia of flying limit your life or dominate your thoughts any more.

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